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Families with New-born Babies

It is with great joy for new parents to see the birth of their babies. However, taking care of a newborn baby may also bring along difficulties, which can hardly be understood by those who are not in the same boat. Looking after health, and daily life as well as psychological and intellectual development needs of a baby demand the indispensable and tremendous efforts, energy and wisdom on the part of parents. In addition, new parents have to face many other problems (e.g. change in roles, insufficient time and experience, the shift in attention from the spouse and the different approach of parenting by the older generation). All these require considerable efforts and time for new parents to adapt to.

The family education package for families with newborn babies (the package), through the nine episodes and the educational booklet (English version will be available later), provides parenting information to new parents. The package aims to help new parents understand and adapt themselves to their new roles, and also encourage them to embrace new challenges, so that the parents will be able to enjoy the happiness brought by the new baby to the family.