2017/18 Family-Friendly Employers Award Scheme

"More Family-Friendly, Less Anxiety."

The Family-Friendly Employers Award Scheme is open for enrolment again!

"The 2017/18 Family-Friendly Employers Award Scheme" adopted a new scheme logo and slogan. To streamline the process of enrolment/nomination, an online platform is adopted for easier enrolment/nomination. With the addition of a new awards of "Meritorious Family-Friendly Employers" Award, it gives recognition to companies and organisations which have adopted impressive family-friendly employment policies and practices (FFEPPs) and demonstrated commitment in the implementation of the FFEPPs. The "Family-Friendly Employers – Grand Award" will be awarded to companies and organisations which consistently received "Distinguished Family-Friendly Employers" awards and have remarkable achievements in introducing new or innovative FFEPPs, and/or extending the coverage of beneficiaries of the FFEPPs. In addition, a new "Outstanding Family-Friendly Employment Practices" award is introduced to give recognition to companies/organisations/government bureaux/departments that have adopted exceptionally meritorious FFEPPs.

For details of the 2017/18 Award Scheme and online enrolment, please visit

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