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The Government recognises that family is the cornerstone of society and endeavours to enhance family harmony with a view to building a harmonious community and alleviating social problems.  In this connection, the Government established the Family Council in December 2007 to promote a culture of loving families in the community.  The work of the Council includes –

  • advocating cherishing the family and promoting family core values i.e. "Love and Care", "Respect and Responsibility" and "Communication and Harmony", as a main driver for social harmony through organising various programmes and activities;
  • advising Government bureaux and departments on the application of family perspectives in the policy formulation process.  Since 1 April 2013, the assessment of family implications has become a mandatory requirement and integral part of the policy-making process.  Bureaux and departments are required to use the three sets of family core values as identified by the Council, as well as the impact on family's structure and functions, as the basis for assessing the impact of the relevant policies on families.  A checklist tool was also introduced to facilitate a more instrumental and thorough assessment of family implications in August 2018; and
  • conducting researches and surveys to foster a better understanding of the issues relating to the family.