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Other Resources

Given the vast amount of resources on parental education on the internet, the information provided by the Happy Family Info Hub may not be very exhaustive. Your valuable comments will enable us to enrich our content. The followings are some examples:

  • The Parent Academy (家長童學) of the Hong Kong Education City provides latest parenting resources, free online courses, interactive functions and useful tips for parents.
  • eParent (Chinese version only), a website set up by the Hong Kong School Net under the Chinese University of Hong Kong, offers on-line and face-to-face parenting courses for parents with children in kindergartens. Courses include topics on children's discipline and development, English phonetics and mathematics.
  • The Whole Person Education Foundation (Chinese version only), in collaboration with some local primary and secondary schools, provides psychology-based ICAN Whole Person Education for enhancing the psychological qualities of teachers, parents and students. Among them are seminars for parents which give them tips on becoming good parents.
  • The website of the Committee on Home-School Co-operation regularly uploads and updates information on home-school co-operation activities. Information on past activities and articles on parent-child interaction are available in sections of Activities Recall and Reference Materials respectively.