Family-Friendly Employment Practices

With a view to enhancing public awareness and encouraging the wider adoption of family-friendly employment practices, the Labour Department published  booklets "Good People Management and Family-friendly Employment Practices" and "Friendly Employment Practices for Mature Persons and Families" to showcase exemplary examples in the implementation of good people management measures as well as friendly employment practices for mature persons and families. Implementation of such practices not only caters for the family needs of employees, but also show them how much the companies care for them, thus nurturing a more devoted, cooperative, loyal, efficient and innovative workforce. Undoubtedly, employers would benefit the most from an enthusiastic and committed team. Hence, the practices would certainly create a win-win result of benefits to both the employers and employees. In fact, regardless of the size, financial strength and number of staff, a company can always implement good people management practices successfully with goodwill, sound preparation and perseverance.

To encourage employers in adopting family-friendly employment practices such as five-day work week and flexitime with a view to cultivating a family-friendly working environment, the Labour Department also produced two thematic leaflets on "Five-Day Work Week" and "Flexitime". The leaflets set out the merits of relevant measures and provide employers with practical reference in implementing these practices.


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