2015/16 Family-Friendly Employers Award Scheme

The response to the 2015/16 Family-Friendly Employers Award Scheme has been overwhelming, with 2700 companies and organisations enrolled.  A total of 2555 companies and organisations were recognised as Family-Friendly Employers. Among them, 114 companies and organisations were recognised as Distinguished Family-Friendly Employers due to their outstanding achievements in the implementation of family-friendly practices and polices FFEPPs. Thirty-one companies and organisations also received Awards for Innovation to acknowledge their flexible use of innovative ideas to implement FFEPPs. In recognition of their dedication to making continuous efforts in promoting FFEPPs, 180 companies and organisations that were awarded as Family-Friendly Employers three consecutive times received the newly added Special Mention (Gold) awards, while 380 companies and organisations which were awarded twice were given Special Mention awards.

The Awards for Breastfeeding Support were also added to this year's award scheme to commend employers who provide suitable facilities in the workplace to support employees who are breastfeeding. In addition to 39 government bureaux/departments, 653 companies and organisations received Awards for Breastfeeding Support.

Launched in 2011, the biennial award scheme recognises employers who attach importance to the family-friendly spirit, encourages them to continue to put in place family-friendly employment policies and practices to raise employers' awareness of the importance of family core values, and aims to foster a pro-family culture and environment. For the full list of awardees and other details, please visit the website:

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